***72-hour period ends, lake-wide 5mph lifted on East & West Okoboji, 600 foot rule in effect***

Wednesday, July11, 2018


As of 9:15 am, Wednesday, July 11, the 72-hour period since East & West Okoboji were at 6.54’ has ended. The lake-wide 5mph rule is lifted and the 600-foot rule is in effect for East and West Lake Okoboji. Upper Gar is always a 5mph lake. Minnewashta and Lower Gar both have a small area outside of 600 feet from shore so boaters are encouraged to stay at or below 5mph on Minnewashta and Lower Gar Lakes.


Significant lakeshore damage and potential impacts to critical public infrastructure is possible during high water periods. Boat wakes can cause damage to private and public property and boaters are asked to be mindful of their wake on all lakes.


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is the enforcement agency for this emergency rule and will be placing signs at the public boat ramps. The 300-foot buoys will not be moved so boaters are asked to use these buoys as reference and double their distance from shore before increasing speed above 5 mph.


NOTE: Rain is in the forecast for Thursday night and Friday morning. Additional rain will cause lake levels to rise and therefore the lake-wide 5mph rule will be reinstated if levels rise high enough. Boaters are encouraged to monitor weather forecasts and www.dcem.us for updates.


Current Status by Lake:

  • West Okoboji: 600-foot 5mph rule
  • East Okoboji: 600-foot 5mph rule
  • Big Spirit: 600-foot 5mph rule
  • Little Spirit: 600-foot 5mph rule
  • Upper Gar: Permanent 5mph rule
  • Minnewashta: 600-foot rule (boaters are encouraged to stay at or below 5mph due to the small size of Minnewashta)
  • Lower Gar: 600-foot rule (boaters are encouraged to stay at or below 5mph due to the small size of Lower Gar)
  • All other lakes in Dickinson County: Normal conditions

Welcome to the Edgewater Plaza Condominium Association Website

The Edgewater Plaza Condominium Association is a private condominium community located on East Lake Okoboji with convenient access to all of the areas restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.  The Edgewater Plaza is comprised of six buildings with 64 living units and 25 garages.  Amenities include over 400 feet of pristine shoreline, extensive dock system, heated swimming pool, and the best green space in the Iowa Great Lakes.

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